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Article for your blog

Messagepar tonyWaids » Mar Jan 29, 2019 19:12

Hi guys

I enjoy composing my synthwave music and recently I bumped into a very topical issue, namely how cryptocurrency is going to transform the music industry. I have decided to put together an article on the subject as I would like to inform the musicians and public at large just how cryptocurrencies can be a gamechanger in this field. I would like to donate this article to you for publication on your blog.

I have saved the article in my Google drive: ... sp=sharing

I did not have the time to find any images so I would be grateful if you could find and add some. I have also added a little blurb about myself.

I hope you and your readers will enjoy reading my article.

Have an awesome day!


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Re: Article for your blog

Messagepar verucion » Lun Mai 06, 2019 19:23

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